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In this episode, Dusty debates on whether or not he should get a gun. Andrew, who's obviously on the side of YES, brings up some verses on what the bible says about protecting your family and such.

Also, Andrew and Dusty had an interesting interaction at house church that you'll want to hear the story.


New Christian Podcast For Men | #christianpodcast #2a 

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In this episode, Andrew and Dusty tries to understand what Karma actually is and why Christians use that definition. Ivanka Trump shouts out our church on Twitter. Andrew gives his Tithing Testimony.

This week our pastor preached a sermon that we both loved! And for that, he is now BBB Approved! You can watch/listen to the full sermon here

We also talk about our first week of playing Fortnite with our pastor. It was so much fun and we are going to do it again this week! Did anyone say "Gamers That Matter?" lol jk well maybe. Anyways, we just talk a little about the revival/awakening we are seeing with church and ministry as we figure things out through COVID-19. 

With the global effects of the COVID-19 virus upon us, NOW is the the time for the Church to RESPOND! Many churches scrambling on how to do ministry with no Sunday Service! In this episode we cover a few ways to be creative and be the church during Covid-19. Shoot us a message on Facebook if you have some more Coronavirus response ideas or have questions about anything... has provided quality online educational experiences with roots in Wesleyan theology since 2006. We offer online studies, workshops and courses on a variety of ministry, formation and leadership topics. All of our courses offer CEU credits. Our goal is to make rich learning experiences accessible to church leaders and laity, no matter their location or life situation. Check them out!

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Today we are chatting with Hype! He's a twitch streamer that is ministry minded in his approach. You can find more about Hype and his channel at

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Jonny stops by to chat for a bit on the topic of worship. Is worship just singing or gathering in the sanctuary? Obviously it's not, but why do we do it? Also talk about Jonny guarding his schedule and forcing us to take time off of work to record a podcast during the day... All that and more!

Is Die Hard Really The Best Christmas Movie OR Is Watching Die Hard A Sin?

Truth be told, Dusty is not the biggest fan of Die Hard. Actually, He's only seen the movie in its entirety only once or twice, but every year at Christmas the debate comes up. Is Die Hard the best Christmas Movie?

It's one of the most overused jokes at Christmas time and it's especially on the list of corny pastor jokes they like to tell from the pulpit. The Epic Christian Debate.... but we have a better question... IF watching RATED R movies is a sin (as some may say) then are pastors and church leaders promoting sin by promoting Die Hard? hmmmmmmm

We Tried To Be Serious, But Ended Up At A Nude Beach

In this episode we give a quick update on our Fantasy Football Teams (if anyone cares). Then we begin talking about how to control our thoughts (please give us ideas). Then somehow, we ended up on a nude beach? So much for trying to be a serious podcast :-)

Andrew is triggered! He rants about being a sermon illustration... and we may be kicked out of church ;-) Also, why people be hating on Kanye? 

So we have been asked, "Why don't you guys do a live show?" Well this episode shows one of the reasons why :-) We talk about fortnite, then things get weird, then back to Fortnite. So it's all good.

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