In this episode, we talk about our favorite movies that we watched growing up. Then we take a look at some of the popular Christian movies in the industry today. Finally, we show Brett why we do NOT record longer podcasts :-)

Andrew bring up different phrases that maybe we have heard before, but are they actually biblical? Dusty learn about a new book in the bible :-) and has to apologize to Andrews mother. 

September 27, 2021

Dusty Makes a HUGE Announcement

They say that "Ministry is in the Chaos" and I have decided that I am not able to handle the chaos... of Youth Ministry. What once was a calling is now just a huge wake up call to what it takes to achieve such a high goal... 

Therefore, hats off to all you Youth Pastors out there. (*and Children's Ministers) I don't know how you do it. I don't have the mental capacity to withstand 2 hours a week in that environment... It's not for me. I'm announcing my retirement from Youth Ministry. :-)

In this episode, we have a mock fantasy draft of our Sunday Morning Ministry Teams. Which one is the most important? Which one is the sleeper pick to help your church win? Find out now! :-)

Welp... it's time to stop being lazy and start recording more episodes. Andrew and Dusty talk about what they've been up to and what's coming up for the Bible Belt Bros.

This episode was recorded back in December. We thought it would be funny to try and predict what would happen in a few months following the election. This brings us to the topic of Conspiracy Theories. Does trying to understand the book of Revelations have us being more open to Conspiracy Theories? Are Conspiracy Theories real?

Michael Wilson is the Executive Pastor of Local Missions at Church That Matters. We talk about local missions, finances, and why you should have a side hustle. Check him out on YouTube at



Andrew and Dusty talk about why working out has been so hard. Andrew also explains why he has the worst birthday in history. 



January 11, 2021

The Sunday Morning Routine

Talking about how easy it is to get into routines with worship and in life. In this episode, Matt gives us some practical tips to avoid the Sunday morning routine.

Fact... Dusty sets up his Christmas Lights way too early. Fact... Andrew hates Christmas Trees with just white lights. Fact... Neither of them understand Revelations.

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