Is Die Hard Really The Best Christmas Movie OR Is Watching Die Hard A Sin?

Truth be told, Dusty is not the biggest fan of Die Hard. Actually, He's only seen the movie in its entirety only once or twice, but every year at Christmas the debate comes up. Is Die Hard the best Christmas Movie?

It's one of the most overused jokes at Christmas time and it's especially on the list of corny pastor jokes they like to tell from the pulpit. The Epic Christian Debate.... but we have a better question... IF watching RATED R movies is a sin (as some may say) then are pastors and church leaders promoting sin by promoting Die Hard? hmmmmmmm

We Tried To Be Serious, But Ended Up At A Nude Beach

In this episode we give a quick update on our Fantasy Football Teams (if anyone cares). Then we begin talking about how to control our thoughts (please give us ideas). Then somehow, we ended up on a nude beach? So much for trying to be a serious podcast :-)

Andrew is triggered! He rants about being a sermon illustration... and we may be kicked out of church ;-) Also, why people be hating on Kanye? 

So we have been asked, "Why don't you guys do a live show?" Well this episode shows one of the reasons why :-) We talk about fortnite, then things get weird, then back to Fortnite. So it's all good.

Dusty and Andrew catch up since it's been a while. Andrew recently joined a cult? Dusty kind of fixed a dryer.... and Fantasy Football is on the horizon!

Hanging out with The Listening Chair Podcast talking a little about vocation discernment, Video Store Achievements and much more. The Listening Chair is a podcast interviewing people from all walks of life about their call stories and the holy hums of the Spirit and other influences that led them to their current vocation. Click the link above to learn more about them!

Also check out my SISTER'S BLOG "Doing Life With Hope" because she is awesome also :-)

Today we are hanging with our friend Eric from The Halfway There Podcast! Eric is a great guy with a great heart passionate about giving people a platform to share their stories. He's also a pretty smart guy so maybe we will actually learn something on the podcast...

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After crazy storms filled with downpours and tornadoes, Tulsa, Oklahoma has experiencing an historic flood. We talk about how we've seen churches step up and work together to begin helping out community.

If you'd like to get involved with relief efforts you can go to



Vets that Matter is a group of military and first responder veterans located in Sand Springs and Tulsa Metro area in the state of Oklahoma. Bringing back the camaraderie and networking of our greatest institutions is one of their core fundamentals.

Their purpose is fighting for the "Twenty-Two". Who are the twenty-two? They are the veterans that take their lives by their own hand each and every day. These are the sons and daughters that are still fighting the war years after they return home.

Vets that Matter is committed to providing connections to resources for our young and older veterans in or out of service. Helping to build a solid foundation for our veteran brother and sisters while fortifying their families. For more information about Vets that Matter, click here.






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