This episode was recorded back in December. We thought it would be funny to try and predict what would happen in a few months following the election. This brings us to the topic of Conspiracy Theories. Does trying to understand the book of Revelations have us being more open to Conspiracy Theories? Are Conspiracy Theories real?

Michael Wilson is the Executive Pastor of Local Missions at Church That Matters. We talk about local missions, finances, and why you should have a side hustle. Check him out on YouTube at



Andrew and Dusty talk about why working out has been so hard. Andrew also explains why he has the worst birthday in history. 



January 11, 2021

The Sunday Morning Routine

Talking about how easy it is to get into routines with worship and in life. In this episode, Matt gives us some practical tips to avoid the Sunday morning routine.

Fact... Dusty sets up his Christmas Lights way too early. Fact... Andrew hates Christmas Trees with just white lights. Fact... Neither of them understand Revelations.

In this episode, Dusty shares an embarrassing story that happened in the bathroom.... and EW

In this episode we react to some new coming out of Russia saying a man is claiming to be Jesus. 

We hit the big milestone in downloads and decided to read out some comments. Thank you guys so much for your support and hanging out with us every week! Well almost every week. Depends if Dusty decides to edit or not ;-)

In this episode, we look back at some comments on the Apple Podcast App.


Christian Podcast For Men

Can you believe in evolution and also be a christian? Is the Genesis creation story literal? Let's talk about it.


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August 17, 2020

Is Facebook The Devil?

Is Facebook the Devil? How can we manage or balance the use of social media in our lives? These questions and more will NOT get answered in this podcast episode. :-) Enjoy


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